Solar Systems

With increasing fuel and energy costs becoming a serious concern for everyone, a photovoltaic system is the best clean energy solution available to drastically reduce your electricity bills.

Di Natura are specialists in solar photovoltaic technology which allows you to generate your own electricity for free. In 2011 alone the company has installed by far the largest amount of PV units in a variety of domestic, industrial and agricultural locations.

Our solar PV panels are supplied by the most reputable brands and made of the best materials giving you a virtually infinite service life with little or no maintenance needed. That is why we give you 25 years Guarantee. Di Natura guarantee between 25% and 33% return on your investment.

Some Benefits of Solar PV Panels:

• Generate your own Electricity for free
• Reduce electricity consumption bills immediately
• GUARANTEED 33% return on investment at commercial rates and 25% for residential
• Feed in tariffs of €0.25c per unit (€0.28c Gozo) when applicable
• Maintenance free: no moving parts, pipes, tanks
• 25 Years Guarantee
• Reputable brands: Bosch, LG, Mitsubishi, Future Solar
• Installation and frame included





Some of our renowned Brands: