Solar Hybrid

What is a Solar Hybrid / PVT collector?

A PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) collector is the combined assembly of a PV module, for the conversion of electrical energy, with a high efficiency flat-plate solar collector, to convert thermal energy. Photovoltaics (PV) are semiconductors, and have one drawback - degradation in performance due to temperature. In Malta, on a sunny summer day, when you hope to be making the most of your PV, the outputs will be significantly reduced because of the temperature of the silicon wafer within the PV. By regulating panel temperature using a fluid cooling system, a balance can be produced, trading off between PV efficiency and thermal output. Using this principle, it is possible to obtain a higher electrical yield, coupled with enough free heat to offset a low energy building’s annual heating requirements. Volther Hybrid PVT is a step-change technology that maximizes the energy return from a given area. A finely balanced solution that optimizes efficiency, saves space and money.

What are the benefits of a 
Solar Hybrid collector / PVT?

PVT is a hybrid technology that combines monocrystalline photocvoltaics and a high effeciency solar thermal collector. The benefits are vast:

A simple low cost, low maintenance energy solution able to facilitate the governments zero-carbon strategy.

Higher output efficiency at lower temperatures than the equivalent monocrystalline PV.

Space saving, only one panel is required to produce both heat and electricity.

Greatly improved paybacks over the combination of traditional PV and Solar Thermal technologies.

Low maintenance, unlike other renewable sources of energy. Virtually fit and forget.

Provides opportunities to most residential and light commercial low energy buildings to reach zero-carbon.





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