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Di Natura offers Energy Saving & Energy Generation solutions which in turn make financial and economic sense. Today Di Natura has become a leader in Photovoltaic system where it offers leading brands. The company has proved itself on a number of domestic and commercial projects making Di Natura a name that represents quality Photovoltaic Systems.  Water Systems is another area where Di Natura excels in. Di Natura provides a Reverse Osmosis service to a large number of localities in Malta and Gozo where through our solutions, many enjoy top quality drinking water.


The company’s strategies are simple. Our aim is to offer environmentally friendly solutions at the most competitive prices. Since its inception, Di Natura has contributed towards the reduction of CO2 and towards the reduction of the so-called “energy bill”.


Di Natura has built a reputation for itself through its innovative designs and quality. Our installations are carried out following an on-site visit that its purpose is purely to plan. Today our qualified installers have built ‘State of the Art’ installations (i.e. J.Micallef Service Station – where this was installed on a space frame structure) which show our dedication and are for the company a certificate of quality and planning.


That our systems are smart investments, this is no doubt. Solar Panels (photovoltaic) offer a much better return than any financial investment. The financial return is safe and guaranteed. Investing in our systems is not just financially rewarding but it is another positive step towards a cleaner environment.


Di Natura being a pioneer in Alternative Energy Sources has made its part towards the further development of the sector. The company has installed more than 3,000,000 watts of photovoltaic, it was the 1st company to install a solar-hybrid system (Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal system) in Malta, and through its quality brands it has always offered the newest available technology to its client. Today Di Natura has ventured with a European Consortium to bring its own Solar Air-conditioning technology to the market.




Some of our renowned Brands: